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The smartbedded "direct connect kit" allows you to directly connect your DavisĀ® Vantage Pro2[TM] and Vantage Pro2 PlusTM cabled sensor unit to a Meteohub/Meteoplug without the need of a console or data logger. This gives you direct access to the data as it comes from the sensor unit. Only cabled sensor units are supported (DavisĀ® part numbers: 6152C, 6162C, 6327C, 6322C) Received data does not include indoor temperature and humidity and does not include pressure as these values are measured in the VantageTM console, not in the sensor unit. The "direct connect kit" does also provide power for the cabled sensor unit. All you have to to is to plugin the kit into a USB port of your Meteohub/Meteoplug and to connect the RJ11 cable of your sensor with the RJ11 jack of this kit. By the help of an adapter included in the kit you can connect the console in parallel as well.


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