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There are three products from smartbedded UG that handle data from a locally connected weather station, namely Meteohub, Meteoplug and Meteobridge. This might look confusing, but apart from being connected to a weather station each of these does focus to a slightly different task. Table below tries to line out what they have in common and where the products differ.

Feature Meteohub Meteoplug Meteobridge
Description in one sentence Stores and evaluates data from a connected weather station and uploads graphs and numerical data to a webserver and to predefined weather networks. Transfers data of a connected weather station to a dedicated cloud service where data is stored and evaluated and presented in terms of interactice graphs and dashboards, rendered in flash or javascript transfers data of a connected weather station to a set of predefined weather networks and can feed individual FTP, HTTP or MYSQL servers with weather data.

Does allow to send raw data to Meteoplug cloud service to make use of Meteoplug advanced graphing features.

Web page in English and German in English (partly also in German) in English and German
SW pricing (as of February 2013) 59 Euro, one time client SW for free, cloud service 29 Euro, per 12 months 65 Euro, one time
HW cost starts at about 130 Euro (Sheevaplug, ALIX) 40 Euro (TL-MR3020, WL-330N3G) 40 Euro (TL-MR3020, WL-330N3G, DIR-505)
connectivity LAN, WLAN with some devices, no proxy support LAN, WLAN, proxy support LAN, WLAN, proxy support
SW base Linux, Debian Linux, OpenWrt Linux, OpenWrt
supported stations at a glance Oregon, Davis Vantage/Vue, Davis Envoy8x, Rainwise, Peetbros, Lufft WS600, WSxxx, WS2300, Hideki, Nexus/IROX, WDE1, RFXCOM, Acurite same as Meteohub Oregon, Davis Vantage/Vue, Rainwise, Peetbros, WSxxx, WS2300, Hideki, Nexus/IROX, WDE1, Acurite
can handle multiple stations in parallel? yes yes no
generates graphs? yes, via gnuplot (rendered as png) yes, via amcharts (interactive in flash or javascrit) and gnuplot (rendered as png) no, graphing is left to the feeded weather network or to connected Meteoplug cloud service
provides a dashboard? yes, has a simple flash dashboard included and can feed WD-Live (flash) yes, has freely configurable instruments via fusionwidgets in flash and javascript and a simplified WD-Live dashboard yes, Internet dashboard incuded, when feed to Meteoplug cloud service enabled
can smuggle weather data into documents? yes, HTML pages yes, HTML pages, tables and csv formats emails and twitter messages can be filled with weather data
how is data provided? graphs and html can be uploaded via FTP graphs and html are provided via iframes can upload data via FTP, HTTP-GET, and MYSQL query
where is data stored? locally on a flash media remotely in the cloud service (manual up/download is supported) remotely at the selected weather network or cloud service
good for... weather enthusiasts who want to have their data on their own equipment and don't hestitate to take a somehow larger HW invest for that. Meteohub can feed the Meteoplug cloud service, so best of both worlds is possible weather enthusiasts that want a solution with minimal HW invest, easy to maintain from remote and who have adapted to the idea of having weather data in the cloud. Graphing features of the cloud service is significantly above what Meteohub can deliver. weather observers who want a very easy to handle solution for bringing their data into the popular weather networks with a minimum of cost, hassle and complexity. But also interesting as a building block for weather professionals looking for a solution to connect weather stations to their particular service. When connected to Meteoplug cloud service, huge array of graphing options for integration into own home page.